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I made a couple of collages at work. Partly because we had all this… - A staring match ensues. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Vlincelent Blondly

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[Sep. 30th, 2008|03:28 pm]
Vlincelent Blondly
I made a couple of collages at work. Partly because we had all this colored paper lying around, but also because it's work, so that means it's time to make cartoons and junk. I really liked how they turned out, which was weird, because I totally anticipated hating them. I'm not particularly gifted at color palettes and tend to be more comfortable with black and white, but OMGAWESOME is so OMGAWESOME that it has to be in color. I'm so glad I did these work collages because they forced me to make a limited palette work, and made me a bit less afraid about messing with color, and was just a fun way to get those clean lines without trying to poop around with illustrator.

Here is a link to the website, which currently features the first collage I did, all tarted up and de-stapled (Did I mention I only had a stapler to affix all the layers of paper together? Awesome, I know). And below is a fuzzy iPhone photo of the second collage. I color corrected it a bit in photoshop, but it didn't really help. I want to scan it in and clean it up like I did with the first one, and then make a little flash app that lets you put various mustaches on the characters in it. Trust me, the lo-fi photocopier version of the mustache game was awesome.

Now imagine everyone in this image wearing a mustache. Your mind is blown.

I'm trying to get OMGAWESOME and SpiffyCo in some working order soon. I just got a new job and it has forced me to realize how far off course I've gone with all my silly projects. I got really into the whole hotel thing, and I'm still proud of the work I did there, but it just doesn't get me like the itchy obsessy hyperfocussy designy stuff. I miss curling up on my floor for hours with a pile of comics, a sketchbook, and a cup of tea while my computer poops out tunes. It's 90% of what I miss about my old studio apartment downtown that now only exists one time-traveling DeLorean-ride away. Of course, this will be more html grunty stuff than arty designy stuff, but it's much more in my neighborhood than getting ground under the heel of whatever overpaid douchebag got foisted on me by his equally-terrorized secretary stuff.

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[User Picture]From: vincentbondy
2008-10-03 10:44 pm (UTC)


Uhhhhh I miss you too? Lookitchoo! All growns up and websites and everything. You look lovely and well. Hopefully, all your essays will write themselves sometime soon so that we may have some chats.
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[User Picture]From: dpsycho
2008-10-06 12:28 am (UTC)
RAWR I've been busy, but I totally will help with websitedness.
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[User Picture]From: goldfischegirl
2008-10-21 11:53 pm (UTC)
I just have to say that your Brad Neely icon is the shit. I'm in love with that guy.

Hi I'm a friend of Emmi's. Hi.
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[User Picture]From: vincentbondy
2008-10-22 04:34 pm (UTC)
Brad Neely definitely fights for the forces of Medium Good. Hi I'm Vince hi!
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[User Picture]From: goldfischegirl
2008-10-22 05:33 pm (UTC)
Nice to psuedo-meet you. Emmi has been talking you up so I thought I'd see for myself what you were all about. Livejournal is the place to do that, isn't it?
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